A New Franchise Crossover is Born20.04.10

Click the image for a nice story. Make yourself some Ovaltine and tuck yourself into bed before reading it.

Yes that’s right, it’s not a video.

3 Comments on “A New Franchise Crossover is Born”

  1. drew spewed:

    Thank god you said it “wasn’t a video”, or I wouldn’t have realised it was anything more than the comedy cover!

    This whole thing was absolute *genius*! Although I’m disappointed no one suggested nuking 100 Acre Wood from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

    I also liked: “Here is Tigger doing what Tiggers do best… operating hydraulic exoskeletons.”

    A+++, would read again.

    Oh, and awesome BGI; thank goodness for the new button!

  2. tom spewed:

    “I guess if it’s not too much trouble, somebody should come down here and kill me”. Classic Eeyore.

  3. drew spewed:

    That was my second-favourite line.

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