What’s that? You like Metallica, but think that there’s, well…, just a little too much guitar in it for you? Well have I got news for you!

Move over, Apocalyptica, there’s a new game in town: Van Canto.

(I know it seems stupid at first, but give it a chance. It actually turns out to be pretty amazing, all things considered.) Their “Master of Puppets” might even be better than their “Battery”.

Who would have thought you could get four-part (or five?) harmony on Metallica!

P.S. Mike, this background’s all for you. But wait, THERE’S MORE! Here’s a free bonus alternative background image.

P.P.S. Don’t use the fancy new “hide everything and show background” button while the video is playing, or it’ll just go back to the beginning when you show it again. :(

6 Comments on “Metallicapella”

  1. alan spewed:

    This is the most offensive thing on the whole site.

  2. drew spewed:

    Hey, Alan: right here, buddy.

  3. tom spewed:

    Interesting. But why do they have mics in the video? Maybe to emphasize that there are no instruments. Apart from the drum kit of course, and I did feel they were kinda cheating by using it.

    More importantly though, props on the BABGI! But minus props for linking to that most offensive of pictures in your comment. :(

  4. drew spewed:

    Yeah, okay, it’s not 100% a capella, but it’s pretty close; especially when it’s Metallica you’re talking about.

    I assume the microphones are so they can add some slight effects, or something, to the vocals; as well as being able to amp them so they’re louder than the drums. (Which, again, is cheating a bit, but probably necessary.)

    Glad you liked the BABGI, Tom! And I apologise for the comment picture-link, but I needed to prove a point. :)

  5. tom spewed:

    Drew, what I meant is, why do they have mics in the video? I’m sure they use mics to sing with normally, but they often omit the mics in music videos. I guess the mics are their ‘instruments’.

    But why do only some of the singers have mics, and why only some of the time?

    As for the pic-link, I guessed what it was going to be, but I clicked it anyway, so I have only myself to blame.

  6. drew spewed:

    Ah, fair enough, Tom. I take your point.

    I don’t know, I assume it’s just the weird way videos get made. (Like in other videos, when the guitarist sometimes has a guitar, and sometimes is just singing to the camera.)

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